Full size Printed Plans modern Dutch Coaster Scale 1:96 MARIA SMITS Suitable for radio control


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A modern Dutch Coaster 

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 45" x 29" 20lb bond

Two page article with some building suggestions and photos

Scale 1:96 (1/16"=1ft)

Length 34 1/2"

Beam 6"

Power Electric

Suitable for radio control

Note: No motor or Radio control placement shown

By James Pottinger

THE drawing featured here is a somewhat simple project, and well within capabilities of a beginner. This type of craft was chosen as the hull is suitable for construction by addition of two carved ends attached to a box section a midships. The superstructure is built up in simple blocks. The reason I drew up this vessel is two-fold, ideally suited for the novice, and not too taxing in time and effort on my part. As stated, the drawing was laid out to allow a box-like centre section to be built, carrying power plant etc. and bow and stern could be carved from balsa or other wood of choice, other than that, no additional instructions are necessary.

The Maria Smits is first of a series of three ships of similar design, and 17th constructed for M. Smits of Copenhagen, but registered in the Netherlands. Legislation setting out manning levels in relation to tonnage and other considerations has led to ship owners trying to obtain largest possible carrying capacity within prescribed limits, and the Maria Smits has had to meet some contradictory demands.

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