Full Size Printed Plans Scale 1:192 container ship Jervis Bay L 46" suitable for radio control


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Container Ship

FULL SIZE PRINTED PLAN on a SHEET 58” x 30” Please see listing photos

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Scale 1:192

Length 46.625 inch

Beam 6.25"

Suitable for electric power and Radio Control

  1. S. Jewitt

  In 1966, design work started on a ship destined to become the largest container ship in the world.

  The companies involved were a consortium of P&O, Ocean Steam Ship, (Blue Funnel), Furness Withy and British and Commonwealth. The amalgamated consortium was named OCL, Overseas Container Line. Today it is P.O.C.L., being wholly owned by P&O Shipping Co.

  Orders were placed for six ships, five at German yards, and one at Govan, Upper Clyde Shipbuilders in Scotland, to be called the Jervis Bay.

  Design requirements were for the carriage of 1300 containers, 304 of these to be the refrigerated 20 ft. type; at a service speed of 22 knots, and a line voyage of Tilbury, Rotterdam, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney.

  To be specific, the ship is a Cellular Container Ship, i.e., all the containers are below deck in six hatches, 774 all told, and held in position by guides or cells. The containers slide along rows, on top of one another. The remaining 526 are in three tiers on the hatch top, and held in position by cross braced rods hooked onto each end of the containers and on to the hatch. All vessels have also been modified by adding bulwarks on the main deck to allow another 230 containers to be stowed on deck, resting on the bulwarks.

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