Full Size Printed Scale Drawing Scale 1:192 Cargo ship with heavy lifting "Stratheden" Suitable for Radio Control


Full Size Printed Scale Drawing


Full Size Printed on a sheet 42” x  30” Plans are Black and White 20lb bond

Article  photos & description only No building notes

Scale 1:192

Length 35 3/8"

Beam 5"

Suitable for Radio Control

Note: No building notes

Recommend for experience  builders

by C S Jewitt

The Stratheden was one of six sister ships built in Gdansk, Poland, in 1977, for the P&O's General Cargo Division Strath Services.   

The names of the ships were Stratheden, Strathelgin, Stratherrol, Strathesk, Strathettrick and Strathene. All six of the ships have now been sold out of service. The Stratheden is now Greek owned, named Merapi, and belonging to the Waterpulse Shipping Co. Ltd., Athens. She was sold to them in 1983.With the Strath ships, P&O resurrected the old hull colour of the Orient Line, but could not obtain the correct shade, but got near enough with the corn colour utilised, and with blue boot top and white bulwarks.


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