Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1962 Control Line Combat "ARROWHEAD " A really hot 1/2A


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


A really hot 1/2A combat that will hold its own in any contest

Full size printed plan on a sheet 36” x 18” ( includes build illustrations)

Four page article with building notes and photos

Control Line Combat

Wingspan 16”                           

Engine .049  


The Arrowhead was designed to fill a very real need, an .049 "building quickie" that would really stunt, and at the same time, not be jerky or erratic. After testing several configurations, we found that only a fairly thin airfoil on the flying plank tips gave a smooth, level flight. To combat altitude loss when recovering from maneuvers, the aspect ratio was kept low. To make sure that the ship had plenty of "zip" wing area was held to 110 square inches.

The Arrowhead can be built in one evening, covered and doped in another. On 30' Dacron lines it will do the pattern and yet be rock steady in winds up to 12 mph. The Arrowhead can be flown in very small areas and a bonus feature is that it does not require a smooth "runway" as VTO's are a snap. (O.K., so we did snap a couple of props, getting the feeling of VTO's.)

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