Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Combat "Cheap Imitation" Half A combat is loads of fun


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Cheap Imitation

Full size printed plan on a sheer 30” x 15”

Four page article with building notes

Control Line Combat

Wingspan 26”

Engine 1/2A Cox Tee Dee

By Gene Pape and John Thompson


This month we have a mini construc­tion article for you combat fans. Opposite the text are plans for the "Cheap Imitation" for .049 combat. The plans are of the quick-and-dirty type, but should be sufficient to get one of these little per­formers together..

A few words about the design are in order. Several years ago, 1/2A combat flying became quite popular in our area, and the design planforms were quite varied. One particular design was popular and worked reasonably well, but did have some limita­tions. Local combateers Gene Pape and John Thompson felt they could do better, and employing some big combat plane construction ideas, the Cheap Imitation was conceived.

Several of these have been built over the last few years, and the only modification that shows up on the plans is the addition of a trailing edge stiffener.

Half A combat is loads of fun, and if you haven't tried it, you should. One of these planes (any good design) properly built and powered by a screaming Cox Tee Dee is a far cry from some of the bitty-winged reed valve slugs as flown many years ago. One of these birds really provides some hot flying action for the pilot, as the 35- foot lines used makes them seem as quick as the big ones. For that reason, they make for good, inexpensive practice flying, with only the pull missing.


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