Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1960 Control Line Combat "Fleetwon" simple, easily built, low in cost,


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


Full size printed plan on a sheet 40" x 21"

Illustration on a sheet 17" x 11"

One page article with description

East Coast Control Line Combat Model


ENGINE .35 or .19

WEIGHT 18 – 20 OZ

by Bob Peru

   After the smoke clears away and the tattered streamers and balsa chips are swept from the combat circle, do you wonder what happened? Did your ship perform like a lead balloon?‑ Well, wait 'til next time Resolved­ that next combat ship has to be simple, easily built, low in cost, have red‑hot performance and be expendable.

   Fleetwon was designed with these requirements in mind. It has no fancy frills, just the bare essentials. It utilizes standard size wood and can be built in four or five hours. A minimum amount of wood is needed for its construction, a "must" since the price of balsa has recently increased. The design is a compromise all around, truly a happy medium. Though some smaller ships may be slightly faster their maneuverability suffers. Larger ships may turn a bit tighter but their speed suffers. This flying wing design behind a hot .35 engine will leave little to be desired in the performance department.


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