Full Size Printed Plans Vintage 1970 Control-line combat or sports flying "Streamer Screamer" Great Trainer


Full Size Printed Plans with Article

Vintage 1970

Streamer Screamer

The spar-less construction is quite an advantage when firm contact with the ground is made, as the structure tends to flex, thus absorbing the shock, rather than break as would happen with an over-rigid framework.

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 36" x 12" ribs shown

Two page building article

Control-line wing for combat or sports flying

Wingspan 34”

Engine .15 ci  or 2.5-7 c.c.


STREAMER SCREAMER is the third development in a series of successful eliptical-winged combat models, having progressed from an 18" span, 1 c.c. powered version to its current form where a 'hoe .40 cu. in. glow engine may be fitted to suit Class B competition work. However, this design is not intended purely as an out and out combat ship, and may be flown with a variety of engines for sport flying. If a 2.5 or 3.5 c.c. motor is fitted the model is docile enough to use as a basic trainer for the beginner, yet is still sufficiently acrobatic for them to learn elementary maneuvers.

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