Full Size Printed Plan AEROBATIC SPITFIRE Control line Stunt Wingspan 56" Engine .35


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Full size printed plan on a sheet 43" x 29" 20 lb bond

Three page article with building notes and material list

Control line Stunt

Wingspan 56"

Engine .35

By Charles A. Mackey

  • No matter how pleasing to the eye a control line stunt plane may be, it is not worth its weight in corncobs unless it is a good flier. This model was design to be a stunt ship first and a Spitfire .second.. We've considered this design for several years but never had time to work out all the problems the Spitfire appearance at first did not fit itself to conventional stunt dimensions. Then some of our latest XP designs had proven to us that the extra lone tail moment is a definite improvement. With the proven dimensions with which to work the Spitfire worked out to a very scale like appearance.

 We also threw in a few other ideas that have proven themselves on previous designs thus hoping to eliminate any bounce or wobble on the 5' radii which the AMA pattern specifies. We are sat­isfied that our efforts were not in vain. Ronnie Peterson describes it as the best stunt ship he has ever flown and says it flies as though you had hold of the wingtip drawing out the manoeuvres.

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