Full size printed plan Control Line Stunter “BIG TIGER” Stunts beautiful OS 35 FP with muffler,


Full size printed plan and Building notes


Full Size Plans Prints on two sheets 25” x 35” and 31” x 22”

Four page article with building notes and photos

Control Line Stunter

Wingspans 48 in

Stunts beautiful OS 35 FP with muffler,

Tank on pressure

Turns 10 x 6 prop.

Claus Maikis

Those who have learned some simple stunts and want to improve need an aeroplane which is capable of such maneuvers as they are described in the FM schedule. That means: size, aerodynamics and performance must meet the requirements for those maneuvers. The aeroplane should have simple construction, since those occasional crashes cannot be avoided. The result is a 35 size model with profile fuselage, with adequately shaped airfoil, and with flaps.

Thank you for your interest

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