Full Size Printed Plan Profile control line "Bearcat and a "Zero" They build fast


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

 "Bearcat and a "Zero"

Where to begin? Profiles are a good way to warm up to the season.  They build fast and really stir up the action. Basics of stunt or acrobatic or Slow Combat or sport flying flying

FULL SIZE PLAN on a SHEET 42”x 30"

Five Page Article Includes building Notes” 

Wingspan 29"

Engine .15

Control line

by Joe Demarco

  The two models shown here have been specifically designed with the new model builder and flyer in mind. They are easily built using basic methods in both construction and finishing. The fuselages are 3/8" balsa profiles which are light and strong. The wing has a constant chord rib for ease of building, and the one piece leading and trailing edges make for tremendous strength especially when covered with silk or Sil‑ray. They can, of course, be covered with Silkspan or mylar. The planes themselves are stable flyers with either .09 or .15 engines and are excellent choices for the first solo. I would recommend .012‑52' lines for a .09 engine and either .012 or 015‑52' lines for a .15 size engine. If you do choose the .15 engine and are a relatively new flyer, stick with the 8x4 prop. This will also be a good prop for learning the basics of stunt or acrobatic flying which you can easily do with these planes. If you are interested in taking a crack at Slow Combat or sport flying at a faster speed, then I would suggest a 7x6 prop. With planes as small and light as these, the 7x6 prop makes for quite an exciting flight.

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