Full Size Printed PLAN Vintage 1950 Control Line Stunter skin stress construction


Full Size Printed PLANS  Not a KIT or MODEL

 Uniquely different this large stunt model has skin stress construction

Guided Whistle

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 43” x 32”

Four page article with build notes

Control Line Stunter

Wingspan 50”

Engine .49


The stunt ship presented here is, very close to full monocoque construction. The resulting durability is well worth considering. An intensive study of existing model wing types and application of structural I design engineering theories produced a new idea for a wing. The' Navy's Wildcat fighter used a skin stress lead­ing edge and spar assembly for most of its, strength; I set out to build a similar wing of balsa wood.

   FULL-SIZE airplanes started out with wood frame constructions. This all began with the Wright Brothers. They built a wooden frame and covered it like a kite for their lifting surface. When metal such as aluminium became cheap enough to use as framework material, this early principle of a separate frame 'and covering didn't work very well.

Engineers started using tubes and beams and finally struck on the idea of making the fuselage one big tube held in shape with bulkheads. This worked very successfully and became known as skin stress or monocoque construction. Rather than a frame and covering, one structure or skin serves both purposes. Later on plywood was perfected for aircraft use. Many excellent skin stress wood ships have been built; the English Mosquito bomber is a good example.


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