Full Size Printed Plan vintage 1962 Control Line Stunt with flaps "Tucker Special" Best stunt design of the year


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Best stunt design of the year

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 53" x 30" 2olb bond

Three page article with building notes 

Control Line Stunt with flaps

Wingspan 51”

Engins .35

by Robert J. Tucker

    Presented here is that final version. The size is ideal for a 35-powered stunter with a weight of 40 ounces. Although 46 ounces and over will go through the pattern, it definitely is not to your advantage. So pick light balsa; 4 to 8 pound contest wood. Of course, all the winning copies were beautifully finished to gain maximum appearance points. However, I caution that too much paint can really pile on the ounces.

   For a note of realism, reminiscent of the Schneider Cup racers, the control line aerobatic "Tucker Special" was de­signed with the Macchi MC-72 Italian plane in mind. Since fall 1958 when I began flight testing it, the stunter has always received much attention from flyer and spectator. It has even appeared on television here in St. Louis. The "Tucker Special" has won or placed in every, contest entered. There are lots' more who fly the design than pictured here, but even so just count the trophies. From left 'to right, 22 be­long. to Gary Zeller, 1961 A YSC Missouri winner; (author in center); 26 won by Ron O'Toole who was 1959 and 1960 Air Youth camp. Ron also placed 6th with his "Tucker Special" at the 1959 California Nationals.

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