Full size Printed Plan vintage 50s-60s Control Line Stunter .29 to .35 Osprey gorgeous stunt


Full size Printed Plans                              

Not a KIT or MODEL


"Bob" Eastham of the Augusta, Ga., Model Club designed this gorgeous stunt plane;

Full Size Printed Plans on a sheet 34" x 30" 20lb bond

Three page article with building note and material list

Control Line Stunter

Wingspan 49"

Engine .29 to .35

By Capt. Cowan C. Eastham, U.S. Army

Osprey was designed to combine real­istic scale appearance with high stunt performance. Outstanding features are the gull-type wings and an oval-shaped fuselage which. along With the open face wheel pants. make a plane that is thrill­ing to fly and truly fascinating to watch.

She is a very smooth performer on 60-foot lines with a .35 engine. Flight relatively slow. allows the maximum reac­tion time which I consider necessary to properly execute the manoeuvres in the new pattern. Performance may further be increased by adding 3/4" flaps on the wings. Push rods for the flaps may be installed by using a series of small, bell­cranks.

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