Full Size printed Plans Vintage 1959 Control line Profile Stunt .19 SAVAGE II transition trainer


This is for Full Size printed Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage plan 1959


Science teacher and aero club advisor John Burdick designed " Savage II" as transition trainer for the Half-A or ready-to-fly pilots

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 40” x 18”

Two page article with building notes

by John Burdick

Control line Profile Stunt

Wingspan 39”


 This is a model for the "in-between" control line flyer who has had success with 1/2 A models, but is hesitant in tak­ing on the fury of out-and-out stunt 35's. Savage II is small and light, ideal for the rugged flying done by the pro­gressing tyro, yet capable of staying with him in advanced manoeuvres. So, as a "Sunday flyer" or transition model, it really excels. A very short turning radius" is obtained through low wing loading and a short nose moment.


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