Full size Printed Plans Vintage plan 1959 Control line Stunt Crusader "I wish I could do that?" You can!



Full size Printed Plans                              

 Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage plan 1959


 If you have built only models from kits, don't let the prospect of scratch building frighten you

Full Size Printed Plans on a sheet 42" x 30" 20lb bond

Full Size Parts Template on a Sheet 11" x 17"

Four page article with building instructions

Control line Stunt

Wingspan 40”

Engine .19 to .35

By Clair Sieverling

Have you ever watched someone go through the stunt pattern and said "I wish I could do that?" You can! You need only two things: a little practice and the correct airplane. The "Crusader" was designed with just this purpose in mind the practice is up to you!

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