Printed plan small-scale aerobatic control liner Spitfire Stunter Mk.9 & MK14/18


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Spitfire Stunter

Ready for a small-scale aerobatic control liner?

Full size PLAN Printed on a Sheet 24” x 32”

Six Pages of Building Note's and photos

Control Line Stunter

Wingspan 32” or 28”

Near Scale Mk.9 & MK14/18

Engine (1.5cc) .09

by Noel 5tephenson

   The plans allow almost any Spitfire Mark or variant to be modelled. Even the hybrid Mk 12 can be reproduced by grafting the front of the Mk 14 on to the rear. of the Mk 9, which is roughly how the full-size Mk 12 was produced! However, do not attempt to shorten the nose to represent more accurately a Mk 1 or Mk 2, for this is perilously short as it is!


   As this model is intended for the builder with a little experience, I won't insult your intelligence with blow-by-blow building sequence but will give a little more detail on the trickier bits.

Thank you for your interest

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