This is for Printed Plans VINTAGE 1958 Control Line Stunter Cheshire Kitten Engines .030 to .060


This is for Printed Plans Not a KIT or MODEL


Cheshire Kitten

A model that will really stunt with only .030 (1/2 cc.) power!!

FULL SIZE PLAN on a SHEET 24” x 19

Two page article with building notes

Control Line Stunter

21" Wingspan

Engines .030 to .060

by W. A. Pollard

 LOOKING FOR A MODEL that genuinely stunts on .030 (0,5 c.c.)? Cheshire Kitten is the answer. To prove his point, W. A. Pollard sent the actual prototype to the Editorial Offices for examination and tests and we confirm that even with the most soggy of thread lines, it will loop, bunt and figure eight to your heart's content. If the wind does take it away out of control now and again, it is so light (1 3/4 oz. plus engine) that it is virtually crash proof.

 Details are shown 'on the drawing for five different engine mountings, covering all the popular types and the actual prototype was equipped with a Frog 50. With an A.M.10 we might suggest 35 ft. of ·008-in. piano wire, but for most other engines 20 ft.-25 ft. of the Keil Kraft Terylene line will give satisfactory performance.

 One should be able to make the entire frame­work in a few hours and complete the whole job in three evenings. Why not try.060 (·8 c.c.) Combat in. your club?


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