Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:16 Trinity House Pilot Cutter Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan

No material plans only

Trinity House Pilot Cutter


At the pondside today the launch-type model is without doubt the most numerous, and this description of a pilot cutter should satisfy those who prefer to build this type of craft for operation.

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 33” x 26”

Three page article with photos and colours

Note: No building notes except one on plans

by Vic Smeed.

Scale 1:16 (3/4”= 1ft)

Length 24 3/8”

Beam 7 ¾”

Power Electric

Suitable for radio control

Suitable for a wide range of small and medium electric motors. Construction is almost all balsa and offers no particular difficulty, though we would not recommend this model to the absolute beginner. Miniature R/C is feasible.


1/8 in.-1 ft.  drawing on a sheet 8 ½” x 11”

AS the innumerable ships using the Thames enter and leave the river, often a pilot must either be put aboard or taken off, and to facilitate this operation, a small fleet of cutters is maintained at the old waterfront town of Gravesend. It is one of these vessels, Pilot II,  that we feature here, as she was when at Gravesend.

Measurements of Pilot II are length, 32 ft. 6 in., beam 10 ft. 4 in. Built in 1957 by Universal Shipyards (Solent) Ltd. of Southampton to the order of the Trinity House Pilots Committee of Gravesend and constructed entirely of aluminium, Pilot II (nicknamed Little Sputnik) is designed on the Universal Shipyard's two-way tension system, with modifications specified by the Pilots Committee to meet local working conditions.

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