Full Size Printed PLANS Scale 1:16 U.S.C.G. COASTGUARD PICKET BOAT She's big, beautiful and perfect for radio control


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She's big, beautiful and perfect for radio control.

Full size printed plan on a sheet 48” x 36”

Six page article with building notes and photos

Scale ¾” = 1’ (1:16)

Length 28 ½”

Power gas or electric

Suitable for Radio Control


Overlooked model-wise until now, the Coast Guard 38' Picket Boat makes an ideal model power boat project. Anyone living near a body of water upon which the Coast Guard operates should be very familiar with this small workhorse. The craft is used for practically every chore around a harbor area.

  With only those modifications neces­sary for easing building and operating tasks, our model sticks close to the full­size boat and has proven very sea-worthy. Using a scale of ¾” to the foot, we come up with an over-all length of 28 ½”", a convenient size for carrying and storage when not at the lake. This is an all-hard­wood model employing 1/16" and 1/8” plywood for the most part. We stick to realism with the balsa life raft! The fit­tings used were half "commercial" and half home-made.

For power an experimental K&B Allyn .074 cu. in. disp. water-cooled twin rear drive Marine engine has proven ideal. Running the exhaust through two large mufflers and then out the transom with two1/2” brass exhausts gives a realistic engine tone and clean boat interior. The front fly-wheel for easy starting, rear of crankcase key slotted power take-off for easy power linkage, twin stacks for clean and efficient exhaust disposal, and a water-cooled cylinder in addition, make this new power plant a truly perfect boat unit. Of course, any other water-cooled internal combustion engine of comparable size or adequate electric power can be used satisfactorily

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