Full size Printed Plans Vintage 1964 HARBOUR LAUNCH A neat little garvey - style near scale model


Full size Printed Plans & Article

Not a KIT or MODEL

Vintage plans from 1964

Full size printed plan on a sheet 32" x 30" 20lb bond

Three Pager article of building notes and photos

A neat little garvey - style

near scale model

Length 22 in

Beam 7 in

Gas or Electric

Suitable for Radio Control

by S. Jewitt

ALTHOUGH this little model features a planked hull, there is nothing really difficult or too tricky in its construction. For the beginner at boating it makes a fine introductory model of clean and simple lines, while for the more experienced man it forms an interesting and scalish exercise in planked hulls. At an O.A.L. of just over 22 in., and with a beam of over 7 in. the subject is fine for radio control ­either single channel or perhaps even some of the new, lightweight multi gear - whatever your choice there's plenty of room for it. For any newcomers to the hobby feeling worried about the planking of this model, let me point out that nearly all woods used are balsa (1/8 in. x 1/4 in. strips for the planks)­the ease with which balsa can be worked should quickly dispel any fears. Operating costs of a model of this size are low. The prototype uses a single 41/2 volt flat battery for power, turning a 11/4 in. prop through a Kako 4 electric motor. Electric power is recommended, although one of the smaller diesel motors could prove quite satisfactory (D.e. Dart at 0.5 c.c. more than sufficient).

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