Build a Scale 1 1/2"=1' for Radio Control L 44" TIGER Hydroplane Full size printed plan


Printed Plan and Article           

Not a Kit or Material

TIGER Hydroplane

Full size printed plan on a sheet 60"x 34" 20lb bond

Five page construction article with material list

Scale 1 1/2"=1'

Radio Control

length 44

beam 17 1/2"

Engine .60-.65

'' . . . Designed for Both Oval and Straightaway Competition, the Tiger Will Give You the Same Action As the Big Unlimited Hydros — Planing, Prop-riding, Roostertail Walking."

by Frenchy La Juenesse

IF it's a tiger you want, just build this hydro and it will give you all the action you can handle! The Tiger will more than justify your efforts in the construction of this high performance competition machine. It is designed for both oval and straightaway competition racing, and to accommodate .60-.65 engines, the keynote being rugged construction with no sacrifice in performance. The Tiger will give you the same action as the big Unlimited hydros — planing, prop-riding, roostertail walking, etc. — yet the stability of the model allows it to be run full-bore in waves up to 6" high. As to scale, these 6" waves would be equal to approximately 41/2 foot waves to the big hydros — a condition that would prove impossible for them.

So there you are — there's no excuse now, with all this going for you. Get with it, and you, too, can have a real tiger by the tail — one of the most complete high performance hydros in existence today!

Thank you Rose

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