FULL SIZE PLANS standoff scale 1/8 "MISS U. S.” Unlimited Hydroplane L 44" for radio control




Not a Kit or MODEL

Miss U.S.

A standoff scale model of the  "MISS U. S.”  Unlimited Hydroplane

Full size printed plans on two sheets 52” x 36”

Seven page article with building notes



BEAM 18.3/4”



Miss U.S. as presented here is a 1/8 size (11/2 " = I) standoff scale model of the 1976 Gold Cup winner owned by George Simon of Detroit and driven by Tom D'Eath. The real U.S. is probably one of the most beautiful unlimited s in competition, and one of the unluckiest as well. As a new boat in 1974, she showed great potential but was plagued by problems; the big problem being at Seattle's Gold Cup Race when a minor oil fire, which race officials hesitated to extinguish, resulted in U.S. burning to the water line. A fantastic rebuilding job brought out an even better U.S. for 1975. Although still not up to taking all the marbles, she won the Detroit race and set some records. In 1976, with her Bi ­Centennial paint job, Miss U.S. came into her own, and George Simon at long last got his Gold Cup after 23 years of effort. But the black cloud still followed and reared its ugly head in September of 1976. The pit crew was allowed to take her for an easy test ride as a reward for an Outstanding season. The ride ended with the U.S. blowing over on Lake St. Clair, causing severe damage to the hull. She has since been purchased by Bernie Little and added to his famous "Budweiser" fleet.

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