Full Size Printed Plan 3.5 outboard sport day cruiser "STINGRAY" For Radio Control snappy easy to build


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


A snappy easy to build and run sport day cruiser for do K & B 3.5cc outboard moto 

Full Size plan on a sheet 41" x 30" 20lb bond

Ten page article with building instructions and photos

Length  O.A. 36"

Length Hull 31"

Width 11"

Engine KB 3.5cc Outboard

Radio Two Chanel


    The Stingray was designed to be simple to build, fast and attractive, but not be fussy or require extra running hardware that runs the cost up and complicates trimming. I decided that‑ the old flat bottomed SK type hull would be the easiest to build and run. The flat bottomed hull does not need strokes or trim plates as on the deep vees which saves many hours and dollars.

   The Stingray, like my Schiada SS‑29 deep vee for the 3.5 outboard and MY Ski Vee40 for the 7.5 and 11cc outboard, is made moody of 1/8" balsa covered with fiberglass. The balsa boats are not expensive, compared, to the all fiberglass kits, and they build up very fast. My Stingray was ready to glass after just three evening's work. I have used the same structure as my first boat but I have refined it some and have eliminated the trouble spots. Construction is straightforward and there are no tricks.

   "How does it run?" you ask. Well, I couldn't be happier. The Stingray met all of our goals. On the first run in a small pond, it zipped along, turning easily and did not spin out in the turns. Since then, I have made many adjustments on the engine height and thrust angle and even reworked the bottom to correct a building error. The Stingray has always run well, it has just gotten better.

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