Full Size Printed Plan A three-point R/C hydroplane "BRIANZA" DERIVED FROM SLO-MO-SHUN


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A three-point R/C hydroplane

Full size printed drawings on 45” x 31” sheet

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ENGINE .40 to .60


by Auro Inglesi

  The designer of this model requires no introduction, since he is probably Italy's leading producer of fast power designs and has had a marked influence on fast models in recent years. With interest growing in R/C hydroplanes, this latest model will therefore tempt quite a few builders: it should be noted, however, that it is for reasonably experienced boaters, both in construction and running, although it is not difficult to trim.

Running in the photo is 70 year old Signor Brianzola's model, which uses an OPS 40 and as pictured used a Graupner XSO prop. It is improved with an Octura 1450. Weight is a shade under 4 kilos (8tIbs) and length 41ins. with 15 ¾ in beam. Interesting points are the angled drive, as used in our original Zing-Ray design, and the triangular air spoiler under the bow. Turns are stated to be reasonable in regard to the type of hull.

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