Full Size Printed Plan Class E Speedster “SKI BOAT” Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


A Class E Speedster

Full size printed plan on a sheet 26” x 20”

Two page article with building notes

Length 24”              

Engine .15

Suitable for radio control

By w. C. Young

THIS ski boat is the result of three other boats of similar lines and an attempt to build a fast and maneuverable boat for racing in multiple boat races and similar events. The result is very gratifying to the author and so I would like to pass on this de- sign to any others who may be interested in a very fast R/ C boat. During the design stages I discovered many things about fast free running boats. First the boat must be light, this means no more than 5 lb. for any engine size and preferably as light as 3 ½ lb. although this weight is not easy to attain as there is a problem of sufficient strength to take a few rough landings. Second, the angle of the drive line must be as flat as possible. Third, for ski type hulls, the weight of boat must be kept as far aft as practical preferably all within a few inches of the transom. And last the radio gear must be protected from both water and fuel in case of mishap and also to keep the radio in operating condition now to begin construction.

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