Full Size Printed Plan hard chine "V" bottom craft, “BEACHCOMBER”


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Vintage plans from 1967


Full size printed drawings on two 44” x 24” and 54” x 24” sheets

Three page article with building notes


BEAM 12”



By S. G. Pickering


  The hull is built in the conventional manner for hard chine "V" bottom craft, Commence by making up the necessary "hardware", that is engine bracket, stern tube assembly, etc. With all these bits and pieces made up, this leaves a clear run on the hull building. You may also build using fiberglass ( No fiberglass instructions)

  After making a few rough sketches I drew the boat up to full size. The major problem was to keep the C.G. as low as possible, and keep the profile simple with clean low lines. The boat is intended to suit a dual role, a straight runner, and give a good all round performance under radio control. The radio units, six channel. Servos give full throttle control and steering, thus taking care of four channels. The remaining two channels give engine cut out and working klaxon.

All frames are 1/4 in. ply, with the exception of the transom which is of a hefty 1/2 in. ply.

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