Full Size Printed Plan Scale 1:12 offshore power boat racer "SURFURY " Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only


One of the most handsome and successful offshore power boat racers.

Full Size Printed Plan on a sheet 47" x 30"

Note: no measurements on plan use ruler

Three page article with build notes history and Photos

Scale 1:12 (1"=1ft)

Length 36"

beam 10.4"

Engine OS 19 or larger

Suitable for radio control

Model by J. P. Francin.

     Our drawing is based on that of Mr. J. P. Francin, a relative of Charles and Richard Gardner, the owners, who in turn was able to refer to the builders' drawing and the actual boat. The methods he used to construct his model are clear from the photographs; the drawing simply shows the boat's shape and suggests a possible form of construction, since anyone undertaking a model with this unusual hull shape is likely to be sufficiently experienced to have his own ideas on construction.

   Designed by Renato Levi and built at Souter's yard, this 36 ft. craft packs in two Daytona 1050 engines totalling 1,100 h.p. and her 1967 win was at a record average of 53 m.p.h. The scale speed of the model drawn is thus in the order of 15 m.p.h. and at this speed it would be necessary to make scale size turns. If you are looking for a competitive high speed model, Surfury is therefore not really for you, though at 10-12 m.p.h. it could make a reasonably fast R/C steering boat. The vessel is designed for conditions totally different from normal model boating, and although superb for what it was intended for, cannot be criticised if it does not do what the average speed model enthusiast wants. However, for a very attractive scale subject in the moderate speed-range, it would be hard to beat, and will thus appeal to quite a number of builders.

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