Full size Printed Plans Gold Cup Racer SCALE 1 ¼” = 1’ U‑00 MAVERICK for Remote Control


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 Vintage plan from 1960

for Remote Control


Full Size Plans prints on two sheets 43" x 29" and 29" x 22"

Scale Drawing prints on a sheet 11" x 17"

Six page article on building, photos, illustrations and material list

SCALE 1 ¼” = 1’

LENGTH 39 ½”

BEAM 15 ½”

ENGINE .29 to .60

By Cal Smith

   Modelers hove shown considerable interest in turning out miniature replicas of these unlimited hydros. A radio controlled high‑speed model adds up to action‑packed fun.

   In an effort to present an accurate scale replica that would have good performance, we have based this model an the excellent drawings by Jim Moynihan

   Size was the first consideration and it was felt that a big model would be able to perform better than a small one. Consequently our model is scaled at 1‑1/4 inch to the foot. This works out to 39‑1/2" overall length with a beam of 15‑1/2 inches. Power can be .29 to .60 engine. Best performance would be with a .35 or .43 mill. Top power with .60 engines would make the boat a red bomb, but borderline in the stability department I

   You wilt notice construction is rugged with liberal use of hardwood and ply

Speed boating's most spectacular racing event is the annual pursuit of the U.S. Gold Cup. The big unlimited clan hydroplane closed‑course races have produced tremendous interest among racing fans. Competitors find the going tough, tough, thrilling and expensive. Utilizing 2,000 HP aircraft engines, the big three point prop‑riders have pushed the world record water speed mark steadily upward close to 200 mph. This is "flying" without an airplane, and the difference between a new speed mark and a spectacular Rip is in the right combination of bull design, engine, prop, and driver skill

    Credit must be given designer Ted Jones for his three‑point bull concept,, which enables the big hydros to skim the water on the ragged edge of Right at astonishing speeds. Beginning with Slo-Mo‑Shun IV in 1950, Jones has designed such famous hydros as: Miss Seattle, Gale VI Yahoo, Shanty, Hawaii Kai, Miss Thriftway Too and Maverick.

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