Full Size Printed Plans Vintage 1965 a 31/2 c.c. (.21cu.in) racer "Cachalot" s very satisfactory


Full Size Printed Plans

Reproduced Vintage Plan From 1965

The Cachalot

Length 30"

Beam 10"

Engine .21 (3-1/2c.c.)

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 36" x12"

Nine page article with building and photos

As a 31/2 c.c. (.21cu.in) racer, the model is very satisfactory. As a steering boat for competitions, it offers great promise. If you put more than 31/2 c.c. (.21cu.in)  in it, you may run into problems of trim, because the boat has been designed "on the limit" for the smaller engines. You might get away with a bigger motor, but don't blame the design if you can't!

The Cachalot, by the way, is a fast breed of whale with teeth. To see what the model looks like, detach the four centre pages, trim and align the keys. A full side view has been included for builders who prefer conventional construction with a keel; the shape can easily be taken off this view. The method of construction detailed is, however, simple and immensely strong.


The principle used is the single ply bottom as on several previous designs. This has proved to be exceptionally strong and light in weight as well as being quick to build.

Thank you for your interest 

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