Full size printed drawing G. Brill Co Ten Bench Open Trolley FROM THE 40s


Full size printed drawing and article

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G. Brill Co Ten Bench Open Trolley

Full size printed plan on 11" x 8 1/2" sheet

Four page article with description and photos ( Note: no building notes)

(If you are working in a different scale we can do the drawings only in that scale)

‘O’ Scale

Length 7 ½”

Width 1 ¾”

By Jeffery Winslow

BACK in the "good old days" when summer came people used to go places in an open trolley.

At the turn of the century the standard custom was for a company to have a set of single truck open cars for summer operation and single truck closed cars for the other sea' sons. Later on came the big eight wheel cars--but the single truck opens belong to the early unspoiled days when trolley operation was sim­ple just out of the horse car days. Not many of the present generation will remember those days--I certainly don't.  

The open car shown in the design is a standard design of the G. Brill Co.

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