Full size printed plan WATER TOWER simple water tower that is to a scale


Full size printed plan and article

No material, Plans only


This structure has been designed primarily for the beginner in model railroading it is a necessity on every model pike although construction is simple.

Full size printed plan on two 11" x 17" sheets

Two page article with building notes and photos

(If you are working in a different scale we can do the drawings only in that scale)

O27 Scale

Height 8”

Width 4 ½”


   You can build accurate scale models from photographs or from observing real accessories along the nearest railroad, but to the average individual, scaling these pictures or parts into actual and sturdy models is not always as easy as the construction of them.

However, here is a simple water tower that is to a scale closely proportioned for 027 gauge electrical trains; lengthening or shortening the support beams will adapt it for slightly smaller or larger gauges. It is not a special type as used by anyone particular railroad-but is just typical of most water towers through­out this country. The nicest thing about it is its sturdiness, its ease of construction and the fact that the materials cost so very little.

All you need for this project is some hard balsa or pine strips-some 1/16 inch sheet (balsa, pine or bass), a base block of wood or masonite a scrap of plywood, a dowel, some pins and quick drying glue of the type used on model planes.

The accompanying plans give all the main dimensions and the assembly sketch shows how it all goes together.


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