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Manuel Leitao discusses an interesting model as well as the full-size construction and function

BY the year 1870 the Banks dory had become a .1.) highly standardized craft, available, in America, in five regular sizes; 12, 13, 14, 15 ,and 16 ft. lengths, measured along the bottom, and weighing between 160 and 300 lb.

Today, although dory-type craft are still built in several localities for use as shore boats, the classical Banks dory has all but vanished from the fisheries and its modern counterpart no longer possesses the grace and beauty of the original design.

The model presented is that of a 17 ft. dory of a type that is presently used almost exclusively in the Portuguese cod-fishing fleet. This replica is fully built up to a scale of 1/10, and was produced by Luiz Antonio Marques and his brother, Amadeu Marques. It belongs to the collection of the Comissao Reguladora do Comercio de Bacalhau, which is the official organization controlling the cod-fish industry in Portugal.

The construction of these dories is begun at the bottom, which possesses a fair amount of fore and aft rocker. Grooved and ribbed planks are fitted together and joined by crosswise cleats, which are located between the main frames. These cleats do not extend to the very sides, but leave a space close to the

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