Full Size Printed Plan Scale is around I / 72 Steam Yacht SUNDA Power electric or Sail Suitable for radio control


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No material plans only

Steam Yacht SUNDA

Full size plan on a sheet 32” x 15”

Two page article with building notes and photos

Scale is around 1 in.= 6 ft., or I / 72

Length 31 ½”

Beam 31/2”

Power electric or Sail

Suitable for radio control

     THIS is a model for small size straight running events, sailing for fun, or, if you fancy it, lightweight single channel R/C installation. It started off as a model for the run for run 'up to 4HP2 cell' class which we shall be doing at the M.E. Exhibition, but calculations show that with four HP2s a model very much bigger than we have space for could be built about half as big again as this one, with, say, a Monoperm Super and series cells. This one will take four cells at a squeeze, but even on two and any 3?6v motor with a case diameter of an inch or more, the speed is adequate for most purposes. Construction is simple and quite quick, so we hope to see a few turn up at Seymour Hall between January 4th and 15th.

    The design is representative of a small early steam yacht, some of which were quite plainly fitted out, but it is capable of embellishment to the builder's taste. For a majority of modelers the fact that many commercial fittings are suitable (boats, davits, bollards, etc.), is an advantage. The scale is around 1 in.= 6 ft., or I / 72, or even 1 / 76, which is 4 mm scale, i.e. the vessel would fit in a harbour scene on a period 00 gauge railway layout.

    Basic needs are one sheet of I/2” x 4” and two sheets of 1/8” x 4” balsa, and this need not be very hard; in fact, the I in. is better soft. Trace out the hull bottom (note that it is full width ahead of BI and aft of B3, but has a 1, in. reduction between these points) and the rest of the sheet can be used for the bow and stern laminations. Cement the laminations into four stacks


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