Full size printed Plans Scale ¾” = 1’ Poco Dinero an auxiliary motored sailboat


Full size printed Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL no Material

Reproduced Vintage Plan from 1954


Build this electric-powered scale model of the Poco Dinero an auxiliary motored sailboat.

Full size plan on two sheets 19” x 18” and 27” x 18’

Six page article with building notes , Photos and Material list

By Herb Lozier  

Scale ¾” = 1’

Length 15”

Beam 5 3/4”

Convert to Small radio control for rudder

This power-driven model is a fine sailer—and a handsome desk decoration.

   Working from the large-scale original Poco Dinero blueprints, each frame was drawn on scrap plywood.

   Realizing, of course, that many of you will want only to build this model without caring to build the real boat, we have prepared the accompanying plans. The model can, of course, be built from these drawings, but the specially-prepared Poco Dinero, Jr. model plans will greatly assist you.

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