Listing is for Full Size Printed Plans Sailing yacht L 25" suitable for 2 channel radio control


Listing is for Full Size Printed Plans

Not a KIT or MODEL


FULL SIZE Printed Plan on a Sheet 26” x 24”

Five Pages of Building Notes and Photos

Length 25"

Power Sail

2 Channel radio Control      

The Clyde Model Dockyard was one of the best known shops in Glasgow as I suppose Bassett-Lowke was to London. Every youngster within a fifty mile radius must have pressed his nose to its window which displayed models and quality toys.

These models and toys are now highly prized (and priced!) as collectables. Their model yachts were a delight to see and to sail each one complete with a little brass plate with the Dockyard's trademark.

Jenny is in the style of the yachts sold in the twenties for a price which would now only buy batteries for today's radio control system.

The Hull

Construction is straightforward, even the planking is quite easy because of the simple hull shape, and errors are easily concealed by the novel covering.

Thank You for Looking Rose

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