OCEAN RACER SAILBOAT 30" 1:12 Full size printed plans ans Article for RADIO CONTROL


Full Size Printed Plans and Article
SCALE 1:12
Full Size Printed on a sheet 36” x 25”
Seven Page Article and photos
The new breed of ocean racers, with virtually flush decks and tiny cockpits, seem a better choice than a cruising yacht with a large coach-house etc, especially as they mostly follow the fin and skeg layout. It is necessary to increase the size and particularly, depth of fin to make an efficient sailing model but this of course, will not be noticeable with the boat afloat.
Even if a public library does not have yachting periodicals, it is likely to have books on ocean racing, usually well illustrated. Edward Heath's Sailing is a good example, with lots of good pictures showing deck layouts etc, mostly for the four Morning Cloud designs but including other boats. There are certain basic differences between racers of this type and a practical model, notably the absence of a genoa and the pivoting of the jib boom, but as a source of ideas for deck detail, photographs of such boats are extremely useful.
The final design to emerge owes a little to the fourth Morning Cloud in deck arrangement but is of hard chine form with a 'typical' profile and a planform perhaps not quite so exaggerated as some modern full size craft. Something of a rule-of-thumb application of conic projection enables the ends to be curved in section, adding considerably to appearance without making construction any more difficult; it will be found that if the bottom and side panels are first pinned to the 'flat' section (B4), the bow and stern curves will fall naturally into place without steaming or struggling.
Construction starts with tracing and cutting out the bulkheads

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