Full size Printed Plans Sixteenth Century Culverin Cannon Scale 1:12 Length 17 1/2" Width 7"


Full size Printed Plans        

Not a Kit or Material

Sixteenth Century Culverin Cannon

Full size printed plan on a sheet 22" x 16" 20 lb bond

Two page article with some building suggestions

Scale 1:12

Length 17 1/2"

Width 7"

By I. R. Stair

AT some time most model makers are faced with a desire to make a model for display as an ornament either in their home, or as a present. The subject for this purpose is not an easy choice as many models are too fragile for handling by inexperienced hands and therefore need a glass case which is extra work and seldom attractive.

One suitable subject is a model of an old gun which gives a chance to display one's craftsmanship in both wood and metal and can be made strong enough to withstand dusting and handling. Few guns would make a better looking model than the 16th Century Culverin shown in the accompanying drawing. For the best effect it should be made in bronze and a dark hardwood like walnut or mahogany.

The drawing is based on a contemporary print showing guns of various calibres. The Culverin was chosen as I had details of a gun, still in existence, the proportions of which tallied closely with the print. These guns were very heavy and their transport over the rough tracks of the period presented some difficulty, some 10 to 12 yoke of oxen being required even in good conditions. Point blank range was 400 yds. and the maximum range 2,000 yds

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