Printed Plans and Article Miniature Eighteen-Pounder Scale 1:12 Overall length 8 1/2" Width 3 3/16"


Printed Plans and Article      (NOT a KIT or MODEL)

Miniature Eighteen-Pounder

Full Size printed plan on a sheet 11" x17" 24lb Bond

Two pages of building instructions, One parts sheet, One Photo sheet

Scale 1:12

Overall length 8 1/2"

Width 3 3/16"

By Winthrop Pratt, Jr.

PLANS for this realistic model were developed from actual specifications used in designing American ships' guns and carriages during the early part of the last century. The carriage plan was drawn from notes of Samuel Humphry, naval architect; measurements for the gun itself, a long eighteen-pounder brass cannon, were scaled from ordnance books in use at the time.

The barrel is turned from 11/8-in. diameter brass rod. The hole for the trunnions may be drilled at right angles to the longitudinal center before turning the taper, or later on—provided you have some means of holding the work so that the longitudinal center is exactly horizontal. The drill used should be small enough to allow a drive fit. The bore is 5/16-in. diameter, but it is not necessary to bore it out more than an inch or so. The vent patch can be silver-soldered onto the gun, or it can be riveted with small brass escutcheon pins countersunk and then filed smooth.

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