Full Size Printed Peanut Scale Plans FIKE With a duration of 60 to 75 seconds indoors


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With a duration of 60 to 75 seconds indoors, this model has about 10 more square inches of wing area than the popular Lacey

One Full size Printed plan on an 11” x 17” sheet

Four Pages of notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber

Bob Dunham

FOR THOSE WHO scream "Ban the Lacey" or want to build and fly WW-2 fighter planes for peanut scale ships, you might as well go on to the next article, cause you

ain't gonna like the Fike Model "E". For those who want to "Beat the Lacey," please stay tuned to this article, because the Fike is the most likely candidate capable of the task. This super-low aspect ratio homebuilt, mono wing light plane is the brainchild of Wm. J. Fike who resides in Anchorage, Alaska. Mr. Fike is a retired airline pilot whose theory is that thin sectioned, lightly loaded, low aspect ratio wings are desirable features for climbing above mountain ranges, prevalent in Alaska. In actual practice this proved to be true, and other benefits accrued, such as increased cruising speed and range due to less drag of the unbraced wing, along with improved landing characteristics. As far as the Fike peanut is concerned, the span limit of 13" makes the low aspect ratio one of its most desirable features. It actually "out-Lacey's" the Lacey by a considerable margin, and has a total wing

area of 55 sq. in., which is about 10 squares greater than the Lacey. Also, the surface outlines are simple, tail areas generous and a streamlined nose with a few cylinders showing giving it somewhat of a Piper Cub- like appearance in profile.

Since my main interest is in competition peanuts, -the present judging rules make it

advisable for the ship to be moderately detailed, but still capable of good duration. In any regard, it is absolutely necessary to "keep the flying weight low, and to this end, wood selection is mandatory. Although I fly the ship both indoors and out in moderate \ 0-\2 mph winds,

Thank you for your interest

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