Full size printed plans Peanut Scale GORDON ISRAEL’S "RED HEAD" sleek little racer,


Full size printed plans No material



Full size printed plan on a sheet 11” x 17”

Five page article with building notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber

Except that the plans had to be reduced by 97% in order to meet the 13 inch span limit for Peanut models, the construction article presented herein is reproduced word-for-word and line-for-line from two consecutive Sunday editions of the Omaha Nebraska World Herald, October, 7934. The model was designed by Ted Vogel, and the article was written by "Bud" Schleh. NPMRA President Glen Spickler sent us prints of the original newspaper clippings, and Wait Mooney built the Peanut model shown in the photographs, using the plans as printed on the following two pages. Considering that they are over 40 years old, the plans and text are surprisingly modern. About the only thing missing is the word "epoxy!" watt's model is a fine, stable flier, and on the day photographed, it put in several 30 to 40 second flights. The most noticeable modifications are the installation of Wait's favorite music wire shock absorbing landing gear, and the rear motor peg relocation ... to keep rubber weight forward. All of the flying and landing wires are nylon monofilament.

 Perhaps no ship at the last Omaha air races holds more interest for model builders than Gordon Israel's" Redhead." Many requests have come to me for flying scale plans of this sleek little racer, and here they are! This model is much Larger  than any shown on this page up to now, and (don't get discouraged) re-quires a great deal of time and patience to build. However, the finished job will well repay you for your efforts. "Due to the length of the fuselage, it is necessary to show the side view in two sections. Cut these parts out with shears and paste them together to form a continuous side view then start construction.

Thank you for your interest

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