Full Size Printed Plans Peanut Scale "Grahame-White 20" easily adjusted and very stable in flight


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Grahame-White 20

Here's a biplane with gap-to-chord ratio that won't quit! Lots of effective wing area in 13".

One Full size Printed plan on sheet 11” x 17”

Two Pages of notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber

By Maj. Ed HEYN

Claude, one of the pioneers of British aviation, produced his first airplane, the Grahame-White Baby, in 1910. In succeeding years, his organization built many aircraft under license, primarily Morane-Saulnier and Voisin types, and developed several original designs. One of these, the Type 20, seemed to me to be a likely entrant for FAC type WW I combat. Plans and data may be found in Vol. I of "Warplanes of the First World War" series by J.M. Bruce. As no actual dimensions are given to develop a scale, a photographic blow-up of 13 inch wingspan was used.

The Type 20 proved to be easily adjusted and very stable in flight, especially indoors. Construction is quite conventional and should present no problems to those biplane lovers

Thank you for your interest

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