Full size printed plans Peanut Scale HALBERSTADT DII quick-to-build Peanut version


Full size printed plans No material


Presents an attractive,  of this 1914-18 warbird.

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”


Bill Dennis

THIS SIMPLE MODEL can be built in a week of evenings. It is perfectly straightforward and the main point to stress is that care must be taken to keep the tail-end light, since extra fractions of a gram here translate into a lot of nose ballast. However, I am not noted as being a light builder and yet I got away with only a small piece of Plasticine on the front-end. Use light wood throughout, and feel free to reduce section sizes if you feel you can handle it. Glue is also heavy, so use PVA and apply with a pin: just enough to do the job.

Assembly of the fuselage sides is made very much easier if you use temporary former F2 to keep things square...but don't forget to remove it later! Tack-glue a suitably shaped block of the softest balsa you can find to the fuselage and carve and sand the top decking to shape; then remove it, split (don't cut) in half and hollow out as thin as you can - mine weighed 0.5 gram.

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