Full Size Printed Plans Peanut Scale Heath "Baby Bullet" Wingspan 13” Power Rubber


Full Size Printed Plans

Heath "Baby Bullet"

Full size printed plan on two sheets 11” x 17” and 11” x 8 ½”

Note: No building notes

Peanut Scale (1:17)

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber

by Gene Thomas

To appreciate the significance of the "Baby Bullet" you must first' consider the year it flew and some of it's design features. The year was 1928, September, at the National Air Races at Mines Field, Los Angeles. Entered in the Under 300 cubic inch event was the new brainchild of Ed Heath and his designer Clare Lindsted. The exceptionally small size and clean lines, together with it's all silver finish made the name "Baby Bullet" quite appropriate.

One of the reasons for the tiny size, a scant 18' 6" wingspan, was the equally tiny size of the pilot, Ed Heath. The "Bullet" was designed as. a one man airplane to fit Ed's 5' 1"

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