Full size printed plans vintaage 1982 "FRED" unorthodox construction sequences are described


Full size printed plans No material


With a name like FRED, it has to be cute! Not only that, there's lots of useful wing area jammed into its 13-inch wingspan.

Full size printed plans on a sheet 11” x 17”

Two page article with building notes and photos

Peanut Scale

Wingspan 13”

Power Rubber


FRED stands for Flying Runabout Experimental Design. The prototype flew in 1963. The construction is still being modified by its designer, Eric Clutton, for improvements. FRED can be towed behind a car. The horizontal tail and the rudder (no fixed fin) are detachable. The rudder fits inside a smaller car, the horizontal tail to a roof rack. We are in Europe. An American (Detroit) station wagon per- haps can contain the whole empennage. With the wings folded alongside the fuselage, the plane can be towed on its own wheels behind a small car and kept in the owner's garage.

The aircraft is not a fast cross country plane; it is a safe and stable flyer just for fun flying. It has a high-lift wing section

(Goettingen 535), giving no bad stall characteristics. Except for high stressed parts like cabane struts, landing gear,hinges, etc., the aircraft is built from wood. Recommended engine is a 1500 ccm Volkswagon engine or equivalent power plant. The Model: The Peanut FRED construction is conventional, and needs no extra description. Some perhaps unorthodox construction sequences are described

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