Full Size Printed SUB-PEANUT SCALE Plans DEMOISELLE It fly’s quite nicely and looks cute


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The periesser of Peanut projects goes diminutive with this delightful Demoiselle. It is Walt's most popular plan published here for the first time. Flight duration isn't high, but it sure is a cutie!


One Full size Printed plan on an 11” x 17” sheet

Three Pages of notes and photos


The title is in deference to the feelings of Bill Warner who hates the terms, "Pistachio;' or "Grapenut" when referring to models that are less than the maximum size allowable by the Peanut Scale rules. Actually this model is a perfectly LEGAL Peanut scale model, nowhere close to being oversize. In 1966, after the advent of the movie, "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines" I designed a 12-inch span Peanut Scale Demoiselle, plans for which were sold first by Bill Hannan and then by the Pecks. Amazingly, this plan has sold better than any of my other designs by a significant amount for the last 20 years.

That plan was never published in a magazine, so with the growing popularity of the Pistac- Grapen-oops, sub Peanut class of model this Demoiselle was inspired.

The model in the photos was constructed by Douglas Martin Mooney. It fly’s quite nicely and looks cute but it is not a world-beating duration model because of the drag of all the bracing and wires which are an essential part of the Demoiselle's charisma.

Construction of the model is pretty well covered on the plan, so only a few key items will be mentioned:

Thank you for your interest

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