Full Size Printed Plan a good stunt trainer Half A Nobler CONTROL LINE WINGSPAN 27” ENGINE .049


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Half A Nobler

Tee Dee .049 powered version of the famous old Control line Stunt machine that set more records, made more good pilots and brought Stunt flying to age!

Full Size Printed plan on a sheet 30" x 21" 20lb Bond

Two page article with building notes





   The model presented here is half size (actually 53%., of the original Nobler, and it is powered by an .049 Cox Tee Dee. The outlines were reduc­ed photographically; the simplified con­struction utilizes a profile style fuselage and a flat sheet wing. Though not aerodynamically sophisticated, the large wing area permits a good flying model. It will do almost all of the pattern maneuvers--not as well as a more elaborate model. but its inherent strength permits many harmless crashes. It makes a good stunt trainer for this reason

  The Nobler is one or the best known model airplanes ever designed l believe it is the only model. regardless of category. to remain fully competitive in the event for which it was designed for more than twenty ­five years! Top Flite has produced the Nobler kit for twenty-five years now, and while other model kits may have been in production even longer. none can match the Nobler's competitive record. It is, of course, a control line precision acrobatic model and has been a standard for comparison ever since it was introduced. The designer George Aldrich also popularized a style of flying which had as much impact as his model design. Aldrich was not the first to use coupled flaps and elevators but he was one of the first to achieve consistent Success. with the system.

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