Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Profile HIPERBIPE a good Sunday flyer w/s 36 enb .19 to .35



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If you like biplanes, you've got to build this one!

Full Size Printed plan on a sheet 30" x 21" 20lb Bond

Two page article with building notes

Control Line Profile

WINGSPAN: 36 inches

WING AREA: 396 square inches

LENGTH: 38 inches

ENGINE: .19‑35

by Larry Kruse

  As a modeler looking for a biplane to build as a profile sport design, I was attracted to it by two things: first, I've always been a sucker for clean, rakish lines that give a feeling of motion even when the plane is at rest; and second, as a more practical modeling consideration, there are no cabane struts or pylons to fool with in mounting either wing of the Hiperbipe.

  While this version of the Hiperbipe will not win any serious stunt competition for you, it is a good Sunday flyer that is just different enough from the usual Ringmasters and Flitestreaks to attract comment and attention. There's a little bit of magic in the flight of any biplane, and the Hiperbipe is no exception.

  A biplane of any configuration has always been fascinating to most people. Probably one of the most unusual and attractive biplanes around today is the homebuilt Sorrell Hiperbipe, first unveiled at the '73 EAA Fly‑In. A product of Hobie Sorrell of Sorrell Aviation, the design has drawn attention and comment wherever it's been on display.



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