Full Size Printed Plan Control Line Sport Scale Proflle Bell YMF 1 Airacuda easy to build and great fun to fly


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Proflle Bell YMF 1 Airacuda

Full size Printed Plan on a 36" x 24" sheet

Five page article of notes, and photos

Control Line Sport Scale

Wingspan 34”

Engines Two .049

By Dave Haught

Powered by two Cox .049 reed-valve engines, this profile-fuselage version of a neat plane from the Thirties is easy to build and great fun to fly. It'll be a sensation at the flying field-both from appearance and sound of the twin engines.     

Unusual from any angle, the Airacuda is bound to get a lot of stares from the crowd. The full-size Airacuda was a popular propaganda weapon in the early days of World War 11. It never saw military action, as it turned out. Fourteen were built, but none have survived to the present.


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