Full Size Printed Plan Control line Stunter Bonanza Profile Flying the aerobatics pattern is fun and challenging


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

No materials. Plan only

Bonanza Profile

Full Size Printed Plan on 34” x 24” sheet

Five page article with building notes and photos

Control line Stunter

Wingspan 36”

Engine .15 to .29

By Gene Nelson

Flying the aerobatics pattern is fun and challenging, especially if the model you are flying is attractive and fun to fly. The Bonanza is both. The trike gear makes those landings so smooth on grass and on pavement. I've used a 4-oz. tank also, to approximate the full time limits for the pattern and to give me a few extra laps to work out those marginal maneuvers. Stunt takes a lot of practice and patience, but it pays off when you can fly the full pattern smoothly and accurately. Building the Bonanza is very straight forward.

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