Full Size Printed Plan Rugged Control Line Trainer THE GREAT PROFILE is easy to build, economical, and a snap to fly


Full Size Printed Plan & Building Notes

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Great Beginners Project

Full Size printed plans on a sheet 32" x 22" 20lb bond

Six Page construction article

Rugged Control Line Trainer

Wingspan 20”

Engine .049 to .099

By Walter A. Musicano 

This solid‑balsa control‑line model plane is easy to build, economical, and a snap to fly on any engine from an.049 to an.099.The wing is not oversize as on many trainers. Very large wings make models "float," thereby threatening slack lines on every upwind pass of the circle. With a moderate wing and long tail moment arm our model has more speed than the average trainer but with considerably reduced control sensitivity. The speed increases the centrifugal force thereby reducing the chances of slack lines which spell "crash" for any beginner.

This model is built from only two sizes of balsa sheet and one size of plywood plus scrap boxwood from a fruit crate. For ease of operation the engine is installed upright instead of on its side. Styling follows that of an "old timer" or a contemporary open cockpit homebuilt design. Modern jet styling can be incorporated by carving a streamline canopy on the fuselage as the plans illustrate. A two‑seater is also shown.

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